Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some College Football Links

Armando Allen will be out against Stanford, and Jimmy Clausen was punched in the face. Neither of these things will prevent Notre Dame from running up big numbers against Stanford (or vice versa).

But let’s say you want to remember better days…i.e. two weeks ago. Then look up Trojan Football Analysis’s breakdown of the Stanford running game, along with a video of every single Stanford big rushing gain. Sublimely fun.

Oh, one interesting thing to look at in retrospect. Before the season began, the Wall Street Journal ran an article proposing that offensive line starts returning was one of the most important stats for determining how well your team would turn out, which seemed very plausible. Well, look at the raw data…looks like this theory didn’t apply too well this year, since this was the order of returning starts, from most to least: USC, Wazzou, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Oregon State, Oregon. I would describe this as “no correlation at all” to “negative correlation.” It was such an interesting theory, too.

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