Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things That Have No Defenders And Yet Are Attacked By Attackers Who Think There Are Defenders

There's been a fresh round of condemnation, recently, of attacks on political correctness, specifically with this whole Ft. Hood tragedy. Putting aside the applicability of the complaint, one minor thing struck me: people attack political correctness, presuming there is Political Correctness Legion out there, smiting those who refer to the retarded ("the mentally handicapped"), the poor ("the economically disadvantaged"), etc. etc. And yet I have never met any of those people. Who are the people who consciously defend political correctness? What's funny about these attacks is the presumption that there's some vast nation of idiots out there consuming this particular brand of thought, and that the courageously un-PC are in the trenches, converting people one by one. And there are several other examples besides political correctness that I thought of besides this:

Jay Leno
Two And A Half Men
Socialists (in America)

Any more I haven't thought of yet?

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