Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Afternoon Linkism

This Wall Street Journal report on the plan for the surge in Afghanistan is well worth reading; you almost wish it was written earlier. The plan appears to be roads, Afghan police, and Helmand Province. The first two I can’t complain with; the last one, with Helmand Province, doesn’t seem to be as good: that province is overwhelmingly rural (and mostly is important for its opium production), so I’m not quite sure how that works in the whole winning-over-the-populace strategy.

Comcast introduces a streaming TV service that includes some intriguing features…do you think Comcast will kill Hulu in a month or wait a little longer?

Tyler Cowen makes the case that, when given the choice between a famous thinker and his/her distillers, you ought to read the famous thinker, and has some persuasive reasons to believe that. That said, he doesn’t account for the utterly impenetrable famous thinkers, which are legion: being a former philosophy major, you couldn’t give me enough money to make me read Hegel, or (most of) Kant (with the exception of his essays “Perpetual Peace” and “What Is Enlightenment?). Don’t do it to yourself; life’s too precious—let someone do the intellectual scutwork for you.

Speaking of China/cleantech, I assume this New Yorker article on the subject is incredibly good because of the intersection of author (Evan Osnos), publication (see above) and subject (see above) is so promising.

This history of Second City, the great comedy troupe, is really good.

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