Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heisman Nattering

Two points:

1) The Heisman voting system could use some reform: each region gets an equal amount of votes? What is this, the Senate? Might also be nice to see some Instant Runoff Voting.

2) If you thought this year’s Heisman trophy race was crowded and confusing…wait ‘til next year! Sadly, it’s going to be difficult for any Pac-10 candidate to overcome West Coast Bias, because there are so many viable candidates. To wit, here are the somewhat realistic candidates that I could think of off the top of my head:

Andrew Luck
Matt Barkley
Joe McKnight (the USC factor will be in play for both should they make moves)
Jeremiah Masoli
LaMichael James (these two might split votes, but I think Masoli’s the better player—at any rate, the quarterback has to set up so much for that offense to work…)
Jacquizz Rodgers

I feel as if, in honor of House of Spears Suh, we should have a plausible defensive candidate…but I honestly can’t think of any. (And no, I won’t include any snide comments about the Pac-10 here. That would be unfair and stereotypical).

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