Sunday, December 27, 2009

List For The Decade

Favorite Movies Of The Decade
1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
2. Memento
3. Burn After Reading
4. Anchorman
5. Y Tu Mama Tambien
6. No Country for Old Men
7. Children of Men
8. The Man Who Wasn’t There
9. Ratatouille
10. The Departed

Favorite Writers
1. David Foster Wallace
2. Zadie Smith
3. Michael Lewis
4. Ian McEwan

Favorite Stanford Athletes, Half-Decade (2005-2009)
1. Toby Gerhart
2. Chris Hernandez
3. Fred Washington
4. Brook Lopez
5. Mark Bradford

Trends That Will Embarrass Us In Future Decades (e.g. Pet Rocks)
1. Uggs
2. George W. Bush
3. The Jonas Brothers
4. Gaudy New Era caps
5. Dressed pets (all)
6. Baby leashes (all)
7. Reality TV (most)
8. 50 Cent
9. Two And A Half Men
10. Nearly Ruining World, Nearly Guiding It Into Great Depression II.


  1. what about trent edwards? lol. i think chris hernandez is a fine pick at #2. ill always remember him and his seemingly impossible frickin 50' (i exaggerate) jumper at the buzzer in sophomore year

  2. Trent was good, no question about it. Just not a top-five favorite for me. It's inherently subjective.