Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Because I Can't Follow My Own Advice

Apparently some Democrats (Evan Bayh cough cough) believe that this election shows the problems of liberals forcing themselves on America. Which is odd, seeing as every liberal I know wishes we could force ourselves on America and thinks 2009 was a wasted opportunity for liberalism. But anyway, there's some speculation that Democrats may revert to form and use this as an excuse to a) not pass health care reform and b) not do anything else, for that matter. Because, as we know, not solving people's problems is an excellent way to get voted back into office.

I think it's appropriate now for liberals to begin our "I Told You So" list. Conservatives are very good at this, as we've seen (e.g. underpants bomber), and this is one thing liberals should emulate. When Democrats get voted out of office in 2010 because unemployment is too high, clearly the correct response is "I Told You So." When climate change makes the world less livable and less stable, clearly the correct response is "I Told You So." Feel free to make up your own "I Told You So" scenarios.

What's really frustrating is that in a few months we just know this whole frustrating cycle will be repeated: Democrats will do nothing and their do-nothingism will somehow indict liberalism rather than, say, do-nothingism. Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

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