Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Linkism: What Brown Did To Me Edition

This Barney Frank statement post-Brown is really disappointing and confirms all my worries: if Frank feels this way, we can be certain Ben Nelson (et. al.) feel like mass conversion to Republicanism combined with a reeducation camp. I really don’t even have the will for invective at this point.

Compare and contrast: this narrative of an anti-Khamenei Ayatollah and this account of a visit to Qom.

Tyler Cowen has some provocative thoughts about Haiti.

This book review will have you feeling chipper about the possibility of the promised high speed rail utopia that will never ever materialize or even start.

Also, here's an account of the fall of the Washington Post, which is criticized for its inability to focus: web or print? politics or hyperlocal? Ironically, the post itself embraces the worst of the web on its first page, borrowing the annoying habit of Time.com of placing irrelevant links in the middle of the page. Shame on you, TNR (but well-reported!)

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