Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Why America became a power; why China isn’t there yet (and may never get there).

An interesting perspective on why Google may leave China:
Google's overriding business goal is to encourage us to devote more of our time and entrust more of our personal information to the Internet, particularly to the online "computing cloud" that is displacing the PC hard drive as the center of personal computing. The more that we use the Net, the more Google learns about us, the more frequently it shows us its ads, and the more money it makes. In order to continue to expand the time people spend online, Google and other Internet companies have to make the Net feel like a safe, well-protected space. If our trust in the Web is undermined in any way, we’ll retreat from the network and seek out different ways to communicate, compute, and otherwise store and process data. The consequences for Google's business would be devastating.
It’s sold as “less pure than you think” but I think this is a perfectly admirable motive: it’s both good for business and good for welfare if the Internet is a safe neighborhood.

2008: the year entrepreneurship died.

A good look at the theology of the Green Movement in Iran. Would’ve liked to see if Sistani played a role in any of this…

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