Monday, January 18, 2010

Odd And Unfair Expectations

Marcus Thompson II writes a really odd article titled "Does The NBA Really Represent Dr. King?" Fortunately it's not a tired thugs-with-guns piece--though it touches on that--but nevertheless, no matter how positively the article is disposed towards NBA vis-a-vis Martin Luther King, it's an odd article because why should one sports league in particular feel compelled to represent the values of King? It only makes sense in an NBA-is-the-black-league paradigm, which is pretty annoying. It's also an odd expectation to have of a league, seeing as athletes are mostly entertainers. (To be fair, the league appears to be making extensive efforts to associate itself with MLK, which I disagree with for the same reasons). Here are some informative comparisons:

"Does Hollywood Really Represent Abraham Lincoln?"
"Does MLB Really Represent Bill Gates?"
"Does The NFL Really Represent The Military?" (Like NBA and MLK, the NFL makes every effort to make you think the military and the NFL are intertwined).

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