Monday, April 26, 2010

Answered Questions

Regular readers of the blog know that one of my constant, yet unanswered pleas has been for an Andrew Luck highlight video to properly display his brilliance. It was unanswered until, oh, March 16, and I just discovered it. Here it is. The picture quality is grainy, but it serves its purpose of demonstrating in visual form just how freaking good Andrew Luck is football, and presumably also life’s more esoteric pursuits—I am prepared to believe he can also construct the Eiffel Tower with toothpicks, or figure out where the Higgs boson is (without a fancy atom-smasher) should he deign to concentrate on such trivial matters.

Anyway, let this post be a nice little optimistic pick-me-up for those of us who are Stanford football fans: we’re in contention for the Pac-10, and gosh darn it we’ll be entertaining whatever the result. Isn’t that grand?

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