Tuesday, April 13, 2010


An underrated song category in hip-hop is what’s beyond there after sampling. Sampling, in taking a snatch of a lyric or a distinctive riff, is merely a small act of appropriation, but there are a number of songs that practically play off the entire song—what would you call it, a borrowing? I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s a straightforward example:

In this one, Wale plays the counterpart to Allen’s song, and so is a kin to the response songs of yore…Here’s another one:

The subject of the song here is slightly changed from a stickup to well, Lil Wayne being Lil Wayne. Which is fair enough and yields good results. Here’s another example of the genre:

Again, a straightforward appropriation—I don’t even think the idea of the original song changes all that much. At any rate, all of these songs offer the shock of the familiar in an unfamiliar context, since they repurpose pop songs into rap—the rhythms change, the singing changes from the main attraction to the backup—that’s at the core of all good mashups or rap. So, you know, good job guys.

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