Thursday, April 15, 2010

He's Baaaacckkk?

Well, I thought it was funny, anyway. Chappelle's career is intriguing. It may be that Chappelle was a meteor, but I've always wanted to hear what he thought about more current issues. This clip isn't exactly that, but Chappelle at his best came up with brilliant situations that seemed to encapsulate the zeitgeist all on its own. Do you lose that talent? Can you change from having a sharp eye to having no eye? Woody Allen is proof that it can happen, but Allen's decline has been over the course of decades. Chappelle's decline--perhaps mostly self-imposed--was over the course of a few years. Who knows, maybe he still has it? But his humor retains its snap and its freshness all these years later. I defy you to watch Killing 'em Softly or For What It's Worth and not laugh uproariously.

Chappelle wanted to go off and do his own thing, which is obviously his right. So maybe wasted potential isn't quite the right phrase here. But there was definitely the potential for a longer run, for more and better humor, that so far has been unfulfilled. All good things, they say...but still.

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