Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The return of industrial policy in America. Relatedly, the NYT profiles DARPA’s new head.

How Toulouse is using pedestrians to power its streetlamps.

China’s underappreciated diversity and a discursive look at China’s car culture (much recommended).

What makes the urban economy go.

How Obama loves you back.

Why Elena Kagan is an unsuitable Supreme Court pick.

How creativity goes underappreciated in the classroom.

Why the U.S. is paying Brazilian cotton farmers to grow cotton.

Hidden regrets in the health care bill: how some education funding got scotched. (Thanx Kent Conrad for being a jerk!)

The fight on obesity.

Great point:
 Whatever the outcome of this era of transformation, for now these are bonanza days for book buyers. If you want to read David Remnick's superb new book, it has never been easier or a better value. On behalf of writers, publishers, and booksellers everywhere prepared to grapple with innovation, let's hope we and our readers take full advantage of a great opportunity.
I’d suggest this is true of media generally. It’s never been easier, and it’s never been better. And I believe it will become even better as time goes on.

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