Friday, April 16, 2010


An examination of China’s strong first quarter GDP growth. (By the way, does anyone know what happened to Michael Pettis’s blog? It seems to be suspended.)

Let’s do some Goldman, shall we? The head of the SEC’s enforcement division said at a conference that they’re investigating similar CDO deals. Which could mean that pretty much all of Wall Street is under the gun. This WSJ article and this Big Money article further confirms that. Felix Salmon breaks down the Goldman statement in further detail. And I liked this reaction from a blogger who appears to be a former investment banker, “This is not what investment bankers do. This is what backstabbing sociopaths do.” Meanwhile, the GOP appears to be dug in with financial reform, which surely must be interesting with the news today. Here’s my assessment of that strategy, with honors from a short-lived Internet fad:

Thanks for having your pants on the ground GOP!

A great breakdown of how the Thunder will guard Kobe.

The tale of Haiti’s Rhum Barbancourt.

The plight of the TV director.

More reasons to believe oil price rises won't kill the economy.

The New Yorker finally ungated this tale of American conservationists acting like vigilantes in Africa.

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