Sunday, April 25, 2010


Millennials: Brokest generation evahh?

Carbon capture technologies may not work.

Can rising Chinese consumption drive American recovery? Meanwhile, Daimler and BYD announced they’re making an electric car for the Chinese masses. Also, speaking of the China-in-Africa storyline I’ve been linking to the past few days, here’s an article about China in Niger after its coup.

How to reform housing finance.

Racial discrimination and subprime mortgages.

How federal policy and urban areas should work together.

More Greece follies—here’s a fun quotation: “Canada's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said the package would end up being "more than had been said previously," declining to specify the amounts being discussed.” A New York Times op-ed blames the Greek crisis on the Greek family.

EU rules killing startups? Seems a bit over-the-top to me (the reaction).

On an the ultimate bug zapper as an anti-malaria tool.

A couple of Stanford athletics notes: Sports Illustrated notes that next year will be the year of the Pac-10 QB (though it doesn’t note how super-duper-awesome Andrew Luck is, otherwise known as the best QB in the Pac-10 now that Masoli is Gone Thievin’). Also, Landry Fields writes a blog post on Draft Express about some of the players he’s played against.

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