Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Annals of Poor Word Choice

My favorite malapropisms/poor word choices of the past few days.

From Chris Broussard: “The Big Three is a cool, if dull and unoriginal, nickname. So let's keep it.” Uh, what? Cool, dull and unoriginal?

Lawton, OK superintendent Barry Beauchamp, on the guest Chinese speakers in his school district:
“Part of them coming here is us indoctrinating them about our great country and our freedoms,” he said. “We’ve seen them go to church and to family reunions, country music concerts, rodeos. So it’s been interesting to see them soak up our culture.”
Nothing like some forced reeducation.

From Sam Anderson, on Martin Amis’s new novel: “The result is Amis’s best book in fifteen years and (at least for 75 percent of it) a nearly perfect comic novel.” 75% nearly perfect? This may be too persnickety, but there aren’t degrees of perfection (and certainly not 75%), so this is a enh line.

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