Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Usage Questions

The continuing premier/premiere debacle bothers me, but is at least understandable: they look nearly identical and sound (for someone speaking English) nearly identical. But one of the points of confusion that I have is this distinction. You know how someone might say, “Oh, he’s a trooper”? I’ve recently seen “she’s a trouper” at multiple occasions in multiple outlets. So is it trooper or trouper? And what is a trouper anyway?


Mystifyingly, for all of my complaints about the poorness and paucity of good nicknames—to bust out of the old formulas—I’ve discovered a nickname that makes no sense: “Egg in a Bun.” This is what wikipedia tells me, so it may just be a goof. But still, I have literally no idea what this is supposed to mean—negative, positive, what. Anyone have any ideas there?

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