Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Who are the “illegal immigrants” in GOP ads? (Can't ruin the depressing punchline.)

How much did Medicare Part D help patients? (HINT: a lot of money and _____?)

Chile is doing quite well:
Booming growth data for August – 7.6 per cent, fractionally below market estimates – has prompted the government to increase its growth goal for this year to 5.1 per cent and to 6.1 per cent for next year. The central bank is even more bullish, pencilling in 5 to 5.5 per cent for this year and 5.5 to 6.5 per cent for next.

At the same time, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce is forecasting that this could be a record year for jobs, with 330,000 created – above the government’s goal to average of 200,000 a year. The government says many of the new jobs are for women – a welcome development in a country where women’s participation in the workforce, and pay, still lags that of men.

The innovation gap and American companies: only 9% of American companies are doing it (as measured by the National Science Foundation) and energy companies are absolute dullards when it comes to R&D spending.

How much does it matter that Americans doesn’t seem to know much about the religious they profess to be a member of?

Andrew Bacevich on America’s path to permanent war.

China’s Beijing-Shanghai rivalry.

The crazy blow-by-blow of Sam Zell’s Chicago Tribune takeover; or, yet another reason to distrust leveraged buyouts and private equity (my interpretation). (Sample craziness: one executive sent a memo featuring the inspirational point: “Rock n Roll musically is behind us. NEWS & INFORMATION IS THE NEW ROCK N ROLL." Of course!)

Does school choice work?

China is about to take first place in patent filings.

Mexico is beginning to take to genetically modified corn.

An excellent, short essay by Zadie Smith entitled, “The trials of lending money to a friend.” Hopefully she decides to write a novel soon.

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