Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The overstated budget case against state pensions.

A look at the US PACOM commander.

Silicon Valley time: David Leonhardt on how the government can help green energy; how solar innovation have to retool; and the somewhat hypocritical view of Silicon Valley re: clean energy and governmental interference.

Steven Rattner prompts some pointed thoughts on the insanity of the appointment process.

The craziness of prescription drug costs (and the deleterious health care effects thereof).

Irony and the NFL’s breast cancer awareness initiative (re: concussions).

How Diapers.com looks to Amazon.com for logistical inspiration.

The crazy things you don’t know about supermarkets.

More on smartphones: Indian firms in talks to sell iPhone.

On the first FDA-approved test of embryonic stem cells in humans.

An overview of Google’s business activity prompts this amusing line:
At this point, it's probably more useful to keep tabs on the things Google isn't doing. Watering my plants, for instance. As of right now, Google is not involved in any initiative associated with the watering of my house plants.
A quick check of my backyard reveals that Google isn’t watering mine either. What’s up? Speaking of Google’s activity, here’s more on its wind power project.

A good TED talk by Melinda Gates noting what nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola.

What caused the flooding in Pakistan?

Amazon’s digital pamphlet for Kindle policy sounds very interesting.

Free speech and the Mexican drug wars.

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