Thursday, October 28, 2010

Posturing or Policy?

Obama’s interview on the Daily Show last night was a good one, I thought, in laying out the issues (I can't embed for some reason, so watch here.). As he says, the problem isn’t a lack of courage on Democrats’ parts—tons of Congressmen and women took tough votes on policies that they knew would get them in hot water—but structural instead. I would’ve appreciated, but wasn’t surprised, to hear Jon Stewart follow up on Obama’s repeated assertion that the filibuster was both wrong and not in the Constitution. Both of these things are true, and it’s interesting to hear the point framed in this way—framed, I think, in advance for people who would be loathe to let go of the filibuster because of tradition or the Constitution or what-have-you. Perhaps this is a signal of support for Tom Udall’s "Constitutional Option" to reform the filibuster? (If so, Senators better read up on their Master of the Senate to avoid another Richard Russell-esque attempt to nuke the Senate by grinding everything to a halt.)

It was also interesting, by the way, to hear Obama admit his views on gay marriage might “evolve.” Mere posturing? And why?

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