Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Notes On NBA Opening Night

David Stern just now, re: NBA players complaining:
”Players don’t complain in high school, don’t complain in college, and they go to the NBA and earn their master’s in complaining. Play the game.”

Stern appears to be dogwhistling here, and the idea that high school or college players don’t complain is hilariously bad spin. Of course the rule is aimed at appealing to college basketball fans who prefer to watch an inferior basketball product for their own reasons. I’ve made my thoughts known previously on this issue, and David Stern’s little comment makes me think the worst of it.


Quick notes on the Miami destruction: some people are suggesting chemistry was the issue, which may be true on the offensive end of the floor, but I felt their defensive chemistry was good—there were some tight, playoff-level rotations in there. (The least impressive defensive part of Miami’s game was how it kept on getting hung up on screens—Ray Allen was torching Wade on the screen game, and Wade was a superb defender last year. May have just been his injury issue?) So it may just be the weirdness of the first game of the season.

That said, I think it’s worth examining the coach, Eric Spoelstra. Spoelstra has been a pretty good coach the past two years, but being a good coach for a bad team requires an entirely different set of skills than being a good coach for a good team. So that situation worries me, and I wonder when Riley will decide to take the reins?

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