Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jon Hamm is Don Draper....forever

Having just watched The Town (no, I won’t give it a proper review given that it came out, what? a month ago?), I was struck by Jon Hamm’s role in the film—the trouble with being in a TV series, especially a great one, is that you’re in it for so long and there are so many episodes that you basically become that character at a certain point. So Hamm as FBI agent requires a little pushing before you think of him as an FBI agent, rather than Jon Hamm playing Donald Draper as FBI agent. It works, but only eventually. Turns out you can use this self-definition usefully, if you’re interested in advertising with a hint of irony:

Z-O-U…Forever…sounds like the school version of a Don Draper pitch about wistfulness and growing up and all that good stuff. OR:

Classic Don Draper, “Ah, but did you think of THIS?!?” twist to the commercial. And one can’t help but think of it, because it’s a person who’s identified as an ad man voicing an ad. It invites irony and analysis as such and gets you thinking about the brand….forever.

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