Sunday, November 7, 2010


Found this article about New York City developing its waterfront to be worthwhile.

A good article about Geert Wilders, the anti-Muslim Dutch politician—another right-wing populist empowered by bad economic times.

I liked this slideshow of NYC marathoners just after they finished the marathon.

A good pair of articles to consider: doctors are closing their private practices to work for hospitals; and an article demonstrating that too much competition among insurers raises costs (because of hospitals).

Exciting development in converting human skin cells to blood cells.

Are biofuels more costly to the environment than fossil fuels? (read the fine print: not sure about the durability of their main concept.)

A fascinating article about Microsoft’s anti-piracy intelligence team.

Zadie Smith has a long, intriguing article about The Social Network and the Millennial generation that got me to thinking: as of yet, while there are some Millennials here and there among journalists, businessmen, etc., there aren’t really that many Millennial artists, which seems to me to be a significant unfilled niche. I also liked this quotation of a quotation: ““Information systems,” he writes, “need to have information in order to run, but information underrepresents reality” (my italics).” An important warning, I think, to both those who denigrate and those who celebrate statistics (note also that a similar thing can be said about words themselves.)

A long profile of Marc Andreessen in BusinessWeek; in other Marc Andreessen news, one of his companies appears to be coming out with a new browser that attempts to take social media into account.

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