Monday, November 8, 2010


I think Jack Shafer gets it right on the Keith Olbermann mess.

Apparently Massachusetts is speeding up the conversion from a fee-for-service system to a brave new world.

Is the end of the big box grocery store approaching?

The dangers of unlicensed barbering, as judged by massive, judicious police raids: 37 scofflaws arrested in Orange County, FL alone! Imagine how many rogues there are in your community--I've heard unlicensed barbers are still giving out duck tails for hairstyles!1!!!

Ireland’s economy: still a problem.

White House trying to get free trade deal done with South Korea.

India roundup: here’s Foreign Policy; apparently U.S. universities are trying to open up satellite campuses en masse over there; also Obama is trying to stimulate trade between the two countries; an excellent New Yorker report on curing tuberculosis in India; and, are Indian firms more innovative than American ones?

The need for comprehensive tax reform.

How a Chinese company uses restaurant waste to create clean energy.

What’s the future of paternalism?

Can the U.S. teach Europe anything on patents?

An interview with John McPhee.

Rediscovered Spanish Civil War photography.

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