Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Eerie crowd photo.

This feels significant: New York Times to rank e-book titles.

The Economist has a special report on “smart systems”, or how “the real and digital worlds are converging” in stuff like electric grids, etc. etc.

Is the free flow of capital a menace?

A personality test for U.S. cities.

Foreign aid for scoundrels.

On the “spectrum crunch” and household economics.

A column on Californian political reform. (Unconvinced).

On Asia’s “Go” cities: Mumbai and Singapore.

The basics on Medicare fee schedule.

After reading this sentence, you’ll have seen it all: Hollywood is set to make a film based on Rubik’s Cubes. The dramatic and casting opportunities are endless (Keanu Nelson’s steely-faced aloofness would be perfect for the Rubik’s Cube, which as we know is an emotionless monster)—not to mention the merchandising involved.

The folly of Ireland’s financial policy.

Tragedy of the technocrats.

Obama: China hawk?

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