Saturday, November 13, 2010


Iraq time: Sunni lawmakers end their boycott; trend story indicates people are disappointed with power-sharing deal.

What’s the future of Indian technology?

Silly occupational license watch: horse dentists!

Why does Greece have so many left-wing terrorists?

Some advocacy for looser immigration laws, re: startup visa and DREAM act.

Worst-case scenarios thought of: what happens to British brewery SABMiller if global warming hits hard (some of the solutions are….well, interesting.)

Curious fact about the recession: fewer jobs (we knew that), but more entrepreneurs.

What is the optimal tattoo-picking strategy?

Mexican police keeping an eye out for pre-pubescent hitmen.

When California flirted with fascism.

What we mean when we talk about productivity.

Germany is moving towards a new pharmaceutical policy (surprise!: it’s socialist—it’s just a simple cap. How long can the U.S. subsidize everyone’s low drug prices?)

Smart power meters: often wrong?

Super awesome computer on sale for six figures.

Municipal bond market in trouble?

The new information monopolists?

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