Monday, November 15, 2010


EuroDebt time! Here’s a roundup on why we’re not doomed (yet).

An interesting Kanye West review in The Awl.

Rating firms still have all the power post-financial reform?

Google is trying to break into the…fashion market?

The backlash against Chinese state capitalism. Also, Google v. China round the one-millionth.

A Financial Times report on Brazil (download the .pdf).

Immigration: the rare success story of Mesut Ozil in Germany; the rise of far-right-wing parties in Europe (who are anti-immigrant).

What’s the value of OpenTable?

New York’s economic durability has been based on the energy of its entrepreneurs; will NYU eat New York (specifically, the Village?)

Why is Richard Florida so popular among the new Conservative government in Great Britain?

How does the President order flowers? (If the President called you on the phone, how could the President prove it was, in fact, the President?)

Scientists have witnessed the birth of a black hole?

Felix Salmon makes the case against quantitative easing.

This article has a comical picture of Afghans training to become police. That’s about the only affirming aspect of said article.

The case against forensic evidence.

America’s broadband opportunity.

Was foreign aid's invention an accident?

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