Sunday, November 21, 2010


I assume this is interesting: New Yorker’s John Cassidy asking “What good is Wall Street?”

What’s up with the hostility of potential Republican chairs of the Energy Committee towards light bulb efficiency regulations?

Startup incubators starting to go niche.

Apparently Apple and Murdoch's News Corp. are about to release an iPad newspaper, which is an appropriate time to ask: what should an iPad newspaper look like?

A horrible bit of urban planning for Moscow.

Some fun ruminations about whether “Pluto is a planet” debate.

More Afghanistan stuff: 21 parliamentary candidates disqualified for fraud.

What it feels like to be taken over by a Chinese firm.

Why is cocaine being laced by a drug used to deworm livestock? Apparently no one knows.

Annals of Senate dysfunction: no vote on food safety bill because Tom Coburn wants a vote on his earmarks amendment. (How was that ruled germane?)

A story from South Africa’s struggling experiment to distribute farmland to blacks.

Mergers in the health care system: good or bad?

Signs of a Chinese property bubble: the hot new thing is to divorce your spouse to get new property.

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