Saturday, December 4, 2010


An excellent essay by Michael Pettis that will terrify you about Chinese inflation and European defaults.

Proving the point that whatever can be financialized these days, will be: a New York Times article about investment funds…in divorces. (The idea: say you’re sure your spouse is hiding money from you, but you don’t have the capital to pay for a lawyer yourself. Well, you go to one of these investment funds, which invest in your divorce in exchange for a cut.)

What do we want copyright to do?

Wikileaks and Google is pretty fascinating: Guardian, and James Fallows. Speaking of: The Economist asks: what’s next for Google?

Blasts in Iraq target Shi’a pilgrims: an old, depressing story (this tactic has been used since the beginning of the Iraq war.)

Who’s winning the war on cartels in Mexico?

The new tactic against mines (of the explosive variety) in Colombia: trained rats.

The NYT Magazine profiles Chip Kelly.

Bill Gates is investing quite a bit of cash into a comprehensive teacher ratings system (i.e. more than just test scores).

India roundup: how much graft is there in India? And what’s up with India’s environmental minister blocking so many infrastructure projects?

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