Sunday, December 5, 2010


China has apparently reverse-engineered Russia’s best jet and now intends to become a defense industry exporter.

More wikileaks: Spain kowtows to U.S. copyright interests by writing new, media-conglomerate-friendly copyright law. Also, Qatar apparently offers Al Jazeera’s editorial line up to the highest (nation-state) bidder.

African poverty: situation getting better?

Ben Bernanke’s 60 minutes interview. Interesting.

OK, so this Financial Times article (hosted by Slate, so no subscription necessary) on the future of Facebook is probably a bit too adulatory, but once you get past that part (it’s mostly in the intro) there’s some worthwhile information.

Today in self-regarding, delusional statements: “Fans are calling me the new [Bob] Dylan.” (Wyclef Jean).

Today in counterproductive criminal investigations: FBI hires convicted felon to advocate for terrorism in mosques…only for said mosques to report said felon to the FBI. Good job guys! Nothing quite like entrapment to get that war on terrorism won.

My favorite Wikileaks revelation, re: Google and China hacking it has to be this:
As China ratcheted up the pressure on Google to censor its Internet searches last year, the American Embassy sent a secret cable to Washington detailing one reason top Chinese leaders had become so obsessed with the Internet search company: they were Googling themselves.
Chinese apparatchiks! Just like us!

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