Monday, January 17, 2011


A line from a review of a book on the history of passports in America: “The more insular and paranoid America became, the better it became at cataloguing its citizens and its visitors.”

Why leaders lie.

Felix Salmon on Goldman’s Facebook plan falling apart.

The decline of Nagasaki and Japan.

G.E. to share airline technology with China. Will inflation force China to allow the yuan to appreciate?

Nigeria’s love of used cars as expressed through nickname:
In Nigeria, even preowned cars take on the gloss of status symbol and have developed nicknames. The 2000 Honda Accord is widely known as "Baby Boy." The flashy 2003 Accord earned the sobriquet "End of Discussion." Then came the redesigned, equally impressive 2007 Accord: "The Discussion Continues."

Paul Krugman puzzles over productivity and the business cycle.

The Economist argues for some European countries to default on their ebt.

Patrick Chovanec on China’s high speed rail troubles.

Iran is starting to cut many of its energy subsidies.

Would education reduce unemployment and income inequality?

Where does the South begin? (Not in D.C.)

American schools are more segregated by race and class today than when Martin Luther King died.

WikiLeaks gets reams of data from a Swiss banker.

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