Friday, January 28, 2011


The truth about Kobe Bryant in crunch time.

Is the end of China’s trade balance coming soon?

Interesting tidbit in this article arguing we’ve overrated India’s progress:
India has many outstanding minds and a reputation for producing world-class engineers. But a review this month of a three-year government program called INSPIRE, which offered scholarships to about 10,000 top science students, found that 85% of the scholarships went unused. The suspected reason: Students are increasingly bypassing science for business in search of a quick buck.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, an economist by training, this month criticized the grip that he said vested interests have on scientific innovation in India.

"Liberate Indian science from the shackles and deadweight of bureaucratism and in-house favoritism," he said.

How Steve Jobs beat Sony by out-Japanning Japan.

China introduces first property tax.

Information feudalism a-coming?

An Egyptian revolutionary manual, translated.

Hospice care increasingly taking over America.

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