Friday, February 18, 2011


Some realism on defense spending.

India’s stadia problems apparently extend to the upcoming Cricket World Cup.

Does this seem credible?:
There aren't any comprehensive statistics on medical-billing mistakes, but Stephen Parente, a professor of health finance and insurance at the University of Minnesota who has studied medical billing extensively, estimates that 30% to 40% of bills contain errors. The Access Project, a Boston-based health-care advocacy group, says it's closer to 80%.
On a similar note, apparently the federales have made a big Medicare fraud bust.

A fact I’ve never heard before:
Twenty years ago, during the 1992 presidential campaign, when Bill Clinton talked about his drunken abusive stepfather and Al Gore testified to the trauma of his son's near-fatal car crash, a George Bush spokeswoman famously responded, "Real men don't get on the couch."

More on the Egyptian military’s grip on the economy.

Regulators appear to be wary on Apple.

China’s urbanization dilemma.

Why does college cost so much?

More on the Donaghy betting scandal: it’s increasingly clear he fixed games (rather than just betting on side stuff, like the number of free throws—as he once claimed.)

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