Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wikipedia Writing

The accidental poetry of Wikipedia—from the page of the music video of R. Kelly’s wonderful “Ignition (Remix)”
The music video was shot in a club where Kelly is seen wearing a Celtics jersey. The club is meant to be the inside of a stretch Jeep limousine. He is also seen in a different part of the club wearing a white fur coat.
Like all great writing of the minimalist style, it suggests more than it says. In those suggestions, questions: why is the club meant to be the inside of a stretch Jeep limousine? Is it a club at a fixed location meant to be built like a stretch Jeep limo? Or, instead, is the club actually a stretch Jeep limo that falls short? Why does R. dress in a Celtics jersey in one part of the club, and a fur coat in another? So many questions. ‘

The writing is very much accidental, which is an exception for Wikipedia: Wikipedia writing is usually sanded down and cut down into the most utilitarian vehicle of information ever? It’s edifying in delivering information, but rarely insightful or inspiring.

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