Saturday, March 5, 2011


Tales of disruption, Netflix (WaPo declares it the telecom industry’s greatest threat). Amusement to be found here:
Time Warner Cable's chief, Glenn Britt, said in an interview that Netflix is just a middleman - that it will soon go the way of Blockbuster when people realize they can get all they want directly from the big telecoms.
I’m sure it’s just false consciousness that keeps the proletariat from using—loving!—your products.

Why aren’t workers benefiting from productivity gains?

The battle between developers and citizens for the valuable real estate of Mumbai’s slums.

The New York Times has a worthwhile interview with the Colombian President.

Is there a falling demand for brains?

Some good research as to China’s foreign investments. Also, an excellent essay about China’s leadership transition.

Why Italy is the country most concerned about the Libyan civil war.

Something anachronistic about this story: PG&E, in an effort to review documentation about its natural gas pipelines—because one burst a while back—has filled the Cow Palace with documentation, sometimes dating back to the 1920s, for a marathon session of reviewing each and every page.

The City of San Francisco’s health care costs are about $700 million and its total budget is $6.5 billion. Actually, they’re getting off easy.

Republicans in Montana are going after the state’s relatively liberal medical marijuana laws. Freedom!

Sounds like Google is keeping the M&A engine revved. Also, sounds like their self-driving cars are pretty awesome.

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