Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A pair of articles on Germany: one about the gender wars and the country’s low birthrate; the other about Bavaria’s efforts to create a high tech hub centered around Munich.

Netflix to pay $100 million for an original series directed by David Fincher?

Speaking of tsunamis: might one strike New York City?

Ezra Klein gives Evan Bayh the business.

Are better batteries not the key for electric vehicles?

Don’t cut the IRS budget.

The oddities of the Orphan Drug Act.

What are the possible consequences of the Japanese tsunami?

How Hollywood tries to keep on China’s good side (e.g. changing the evil villains from Chinese to North Koreans in the Red Dawn remake.)

If you want to survive a heart attack, don’t go to a hospital whose CEOs and nurses tend to cycle through. Also, the difficulties of getting doctors to use electronic medical records.

Don’t donate money to Japan?

Are higher food prices going to stick around?

James Surowiecki builds the case for the players in the owners-players NFL battle.

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