Sunday, March 27, 2011


What’s wrong with the Spanish art scene?

The Big Ideas Books problem. (funny! Good!)

On the academic-driven nation-building that tried to burnish Libya’s cred.

A profile of Bob Crow, Britain’s most powerful labor leader. (For some reason, FT loves to write its profile subjects in the course of having lunch.)

Some facts about VCU coach Shaka Smart which will intrigue you, but will end up leaving you asking for more facts about VCU Coach Shaka Smart (and the writer of the piece.)

Are eccentric museums in the U.S. on the decline? (I have to second the endorsement of the Getty Villa: absolutely fabulous.)

A nice picture.

Overenthused profile of a scientist doing interesting sciencey things in genes. Read, but make sure to apply a discount at all points.

The Silicon Valley history buff will find this amusing: Fairchild Semiconductor is returning to the Valley after a long absence, having exiled itself in Maine.

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