Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Interesting little project going forward in Honolulu: using ocean water to air condition buildings. They say it'll save around 178k barrels of oil a year.

Why can’t we have more doctors?

Toddlers and democracy, a study.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the legacy of Malcolm X. Pretty excellent.

The ordeal of attempting to immigrate legally.

China: getting tough on counterfeiters?

On the nostalgia trap for cities.

A point I hadn’t really considered on music sampling:
… it gets way more complicated when you start sampling songs that contain samples, which is increasingly the case today. If you wanted to sample, say, "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy—well, that song contains 20 samples. You'd have to get permission from Def Jam, which owns the sound recording rights, and then Public Enemy's song publisher. Then you'd have to go to the other 20 song publishers and get permission to use the song—it creates kind of a domino effect. This licensing logjam is only going to get worse and worse and worse as people increasingly sample the recent past, since that recent past is already a collage. It just becomes impossible to do all these clearances.

On the burden of debt from college loans growing.

Thought this was a cool video, visually:

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