Sunday, April 17, 2011


Does it matter that the military’s favorite scholar seems to sell snake oil?

Looking at the fate of the Ivory Coast.

The short-termism of business.

A nice paper on reforming tax expenditures.

A profile of an anti-immigration crusader who is the “most influential unknown man in America.”

Why do Brazilians emigrate so infrequently?

Tyler Cowen on the upcoming fight: the Euro vs. the Zombie Banks.

Crazy facts about India’s energy problems:
More than 30 percent of India’s electricity is “lost” in transmission and distribution, among the highest such rates in the world. While some of that power is lost because of inefficient transmission systems, much of it is widely believed to be stolen with the help of corrupt officials. Cracking down on that theft could provide a substantial boost for the legitimate electricity supply.

An idea: what about newly-founded national universities?

Someone is getting health care spending under control (congratulations British Columbia!). (Secondary question: how did British Columbia decide on the “u” Columbia spelling over the “o” Colombia spelling?)

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