Monday, April 18, 2011


Evan Osnos of the New Yorker goes on a tour of Europe with Chinese tourists in an entertaining travelogue. Apparently the top two complaints of Chinese tourists in Europe are: a) Europeans too arrogant and b) Chinese restaurants below expectations.

Your favorite education reformer…probably went to private school (and other private school thoughts).

Opening up government data on health (and its applications).

A New Yorker profile of a neuroscientist who’s looking into how the brain experiences time, with a revealing anecdote on how precisely drummers can perceive (some) measures of time.

Decoding tumors’ genomes to more effectively deliver care.

The drug war hits Central America.

The rise of the princelings in the Chinese Politburo and the ensuing crackdown.

Was a Marxist state government in West Bengal good for growth?

The oil market isn’t oversupplied, is it?

The implications of downgraded U.S. debt.

Microsoft is appealing a patent decision to the Supreme Court and arguing to make it easier for companies to challenge the validity of patents.

The unexpected pecan boom (the Chinese demand strikes).

A novel way of controlling drug violence in Mexico.

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