Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Russia, world’s largest oil producer, has gas shortages. (Similar thing with Iran.)

An interesting article about Jews, sports and stats (and the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference).

Are we entering the sharing economy?

We discovered a treasure trove of previously unknown jazz music, featuring outtakes from artists like Billie Holiday, Count Basie, etc. Why can’t we release it?

On black swans and foreign policy in the Middle East.

India is restricting free speech on the internet.

Some interesting data on evidence-based approaches to heart attacks.

James Surowiecki on health care and deficits.

Turkey has announced plans to build a new canal on the Bosphorus, bigger than “Panama or the Suez.”

Restructuring Ireland’s debt.

Chinese inflation and its truckers’ strike. Also, Newsweek on an improbable genomics laboratory in China.

James Fallows with some piquant thoughts re: long-form birth certificates.

Joe Nocera has an interesting column on school reform.

Paul Allen and Bill Gates’s Seattle legacy.

Your taste is why your creative work disappoints you.

Stagnation in agriculture.

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