Friday, April 29, 2011


The New York Times has the proper tone of bemusement towards the tv coverage of the royal wedding.

The New Yorker posted a pretty excellent archival piece from a year ago focusing on the Mexican drug cartel La Familia.

Don’t let fiscal policymakers off of the hook.

Does the Ryan plan curb health care spending?

Why the Ahmandinejad v. Khamenei fight is so serious.

Low hanging fruit for saving health care costs.

China’s one child policy gets criticism.

Brazil’s economy vulnerable?:
Typically, Brazilians now spend a quarter of disposable income on debt payments. At the height of the US credit boom, by contrast, American households spent about 15 per cent. If US interest rates were to rise, Brazil’s boom could turn to a sudden bust.

Managing abundance is hard. Economists increasingly warn Brazil and the region of the dangers of complacency and over-exuberance. High foreign exchange reserves provide some protection. But if the coming decade really is to be Latin America’s, more needs to be done: grinding out efficiency from the state, saving part of the commodity bonanza to maintain social programmes when tough times return, improving education and infrastructure to foster lasting productivity gains, all the while maintaining macroeconomic stability.

Sorting to stagnation?

Does the French national soccer team have a race quota? (for what it’s worth the French authorities strenuously deny the quotes in the piece.)

The uncanny valley of advertising.

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