Friday, May 27, 2011


A new look at the companies-hoarding-cash phenomenon. Relatedly, The Economist on the still-persistent savings glut.

Iran to create “national internet” that reaches alleged halal status, mostly by censoring all of the evil stuff on the internet.

The Economist has an article on big data with some interesting tidbits, the most interesting of which is here: “You can now buy a device that will store all the world’s recorded music for just $600.”

Private investors a solution to airport gridlock?

Expanding Chicago from just a global city.

Are members of Congress engaged in insider trading?

The Federal Reserve’s crisis-era giveaway to big European banks.

What happened to all the funky tennis players?

Remembering Hubert H. Humphrey.

The Nation has a superb article on Monterrey and the Mexican drug war.

The costly war on cancer—why are new cancer-fighting drugs so expensive?

Indonesia: so hot right now.

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