Friday, June 17, 2011

Afghanistan Crisis

So, uh, this:
The Afghan government will struggle to pay its bills "within a month" after the International Monetary Fund rejected proposals for resolving theKabul Bank scandal, western officials have warned.

The IMF rejected the proposals because:
. Firstly, an agreement that Afghan taxes, not foreign aid, will repay the $820m taken out of central bank reserves last year to prop up the bank. Second, they want serious criminal investigations against managers and shareholders, many of whom enjoy high level political support, who illegally borrowed huge sums of interest-free cash from the bank.

Is there any foreign military intervention of the U.S.’s that’s looking good these days? I’m struggling to think of an example. Turns out, it’s hard to bomb a society to rubble and then, while accelerating a process that took hundreds of years everywhere else, build a functioning society in its place in a reasonable time frame. Who could’ve guessed?

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