Monday, June 6, 2011


James Surowiecki makes an interesting point in discussing Elizabeth Warren:
For all the talk of the financial industry’s power, its performance over the past decade has actually been dismal. Countless lenders have gone out of business, and many of those still standing saw their stock price decimated after they loaned immense amounts of money to people who couldn’t repay it. The banks thought they were taking advantage of uninformed consumers, but they ended up playing themselves. In a more transparent credit market, almost everyone would have been better off.

An analysis of Iran’s internal battle.

The Times on Spain’s frustrated youth.

Why the “epidemic” of mental illness (and are antidepressants all that effective)?

Is there a cash cure to the AIDS epidemic? South Africa thinks…maybe!

On climate change:
When President Barack Obama arrived in Joplin, Missouri, on May 29th, the sun was shining. He toured one of the neighborhoods that the previous week’s tornado had destroyed, then spoke at a memorial service for the dead. (By late last week, the official toll was a hundred and thirty-eight people.) At the service, the President’s tone turned brooding. “The question that weighs on us at a time like this is: Why?” he said. “Why our town? Why our home? Why my son, or husband, or wife, or sister, or friend? Why?” Such questions, the President went on, cannot be answered, as “these things are beyond our power to control.”

Obama’s visit to Joplin was the third that he had made in a month to the site of a weather-related disaster.

Why American taxpayers are subsidizing Brazilian cotton growers.

A “paramilitary-style” patrol in a Detroit neighborhood.

Jellyfish: more complex than you think.

Pie: Unamerican?

Waving goodbye to Google.

The baddest lawyer in New Jersey (a crazy, crazy story from New York.)

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