Thursday, June 9, 2011


U.S. falling behind in green business:
Of the three largest operators of wind farms doing business in the United States, only one, NextEra, is American. Iberdrola is Spanish and Horizon Wind Energy is a subsidiary of Energias de Portugal. Among manufacturers making components for the industry, just one American company, General Electric, is in the top 10. The others include Suzlon (India), Vestas (Denmark), Goldwind (China) and Enercon (Germany).

Egypt’s economy is stopped.

Should personalized medicine be used for trials?

The changing nature of “confidence” in the Obama administration economic policy.

One way capitalism can make health care worse and more expensive.

More on Watson and health care.

Looking back on IBM’s history (The Economist)

Looking at antibiotics and farm animals (and the Danish example of going entirely off of antibiotics for farm animals).

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