Saturday, June 11, 2011


Does China’s gaokao college-examination test serve its youth poorly?

Should the government encourage monopolies and other big businesses?:
The heretical truth is that rapid economic growth and unionization may sometimes require markets that are deliberately made less competitive by regulation. Monopolistic and oligopolistic corporations are more likely to invest in breakthrough innovation than firms struggling to break even in highly competitive markets. And cartelized industries are far friendlier to organized labor than ultra-competitive markets. If progressives really want to promote technology-driven growth and a union-based middle class, then they need to reconsider the lessons of the New Deal’s successful experiment in utility capitalism.
(And an interesting pair of replies.)

Are wildfires getting worse?

Can we deliberately make ourselves smarter?

IBM doing some interesting work with a new graphene circuit.

Did “IP eat TFP”?

The dilemma of India’s poor state, West Bengal.

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