Thursday, June 16, 2011


American retail chain stores are trying again in Europe.

Russia’s VIP car policy causing citizen rage:
[The] migalka -- a blue VIP car siren that, when turned on, allows the driver to circumvent all traffic laws -- … With that blue light flashing, a driver can cut through traffic like an ambulance, and everyone else must scatter. (Although some VIPs don't even botherissuing that warning.)

China’s big health problem—lead poisoning:
The few published studies point to a huge problem. One 2001 research paper called lead poisoning one of the most common pediatric health problems in China. A 2006 review of existing data suggested that one-third of Chinese children suffer from elevated blood lead levels.

An easy way to make poor people’s lives better in developing countries—get them eyeglasses.

Coen brothers preview movie they’re working on. Hmm…

What happens after the [business] one-hit wonder?

An oral history of Dirk Nowitzki. And: playing against Dirk Nowitzki as a minor-league basketball player in Germany.

On slums and free markets.

Belgium has gone a year without an official government.

The non-existent invisible hand.

In favor of more corporate raiders?

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