Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Explanation Needed

So there's a fun enough article in the Times about a movie theater chain that takes a tough ol' Texas line against texters and assorted miscreants by kicking them out. Good for them, though I'd endorse a bit more rough Texan justice and support hanging without appeal. Nevertheless, the Times includes this one anecdote that demands additional context and explanation:
During a screening of “Shutter Island” at a multiplex in Lancaster, Calif., last year, for example, after a man asked another audience member to stop talking on her cellphone — politely, according to witnesses — her boyfriend attacked him with a meat thermometer, landing the victim in the hospital in a coma and the assailant in prison with a conviction for attempted murder.
Why does the boyfriend have a meat thermometer? (Why not a more effective weapon? What was his thought process when he decided to acquire a meat thermometer in preference to actual weapons ["Well, I could get this knife, but I'd better use this meat thermometer?"]?) How can a single meat thermometer put someone in a coma? More explanation is needed here, surely.

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