Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Wai!!

Totally unsurprising:
Almost three months into the campaign of air strikes, Britain and its Nato allies no longer believe bombing alone will end the conflict in Libya, well-placed government officials have told the Guardian.

Instead, they are pinning their hopes on the defection of Muammar Gaddafi's closest aides, or the Libyan leader's agreement to flee the country.

"No one is envisaging a military victory," said one senior official who echoed Tuesday's warnings by Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, head of the navy, that the bombing cannot continue much beyond the summer.

Of course, announcing your strategy is "We'll give up if you don't" is an excellent way to ensure you give up.

What, exactly, was the point of all this again? When was the last time bombing someone exclusively actually won a war? Don't you need to have boots on the ground in order to actually control a given piece of territory (which you would need to do in an instance like this)? What happens once we give up--haven't we just pissed off Gaddhafi for no gain whatsoever?

Thinking things through--still our greatest weakness, apparently.

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